Monday, June 24, 2013

H&R Partner Protector Pump

Received one of these shotguns today, and basically it is a Remington 870 clone made in China...for the parent company of H&R as well Marlin.... Remington. The Partner Pump has some rough spots on it, but for the price of $199.00 it is a good little gun. It is set up to be a personal defense (house) shotgun with a plain 18.5" barrel,bead sight, 5- shot capacity, synthetic stocks, and  no glare finish.

I fired a bunch of rounds through this shotgun... Hornady TAP, and Critical Defense buckshot...( that are really the best on the market when it comes to self defense buckshot loads). Recoil was well within reasonable limits.... the butt stock seems a little short, but that is common on guns produced in most Asian countries. Also as with many of the less expensive shotguns made in China these clones can also have the common defect in the trigger assembly where the slide gets locked. This usually shows up in the first three to four rounds of ammunition fired. I have seen this happen in Mossberg, Escort, and many made by Hawk industries. It can happen in any pump shotgun. If you fire a full magazine of ammunition through the gun, and have no problems you are going to be fine. The shotgun I shot today was a replacement for one that locked up, and had to be returned.

If you are in need of a good inexpensive shotgun for the truck or house ... the H&R Partner Protector fills the bill just fine.

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