Friday, July 5, 2013

H&R Partner Pump Update

Well another day shooting the little 870 clone.... still shoots good! Only difference I see is some rough edges on the gun, and the finish is not as durable as one of the actual Remington 870 shotguns.

I have sent well over a 100 rounds of Buckshot down range from the shotgun, and all have functioned fine... I prefer the Hornady TAP (as stated before) even more as I shoot the gun... Hornady's Versa wad allows for tighter grouping... actually getting all the pellets on the human form on my targets at normal self defense distance.I hope to actually do tests to show more on this factor. The Remington Express are my least favorite load creating far too much recoil for home defense, and spread way too much. My second favorite would be the Federal Low Recoil Tactical loads that I have tried. Almost as nice as the Hornady TAP, Critical Defense, and Zombie loads....

I have decided to use this little shotgun personal home defense, shop,truck gun... so you probably will be hearing a great deal more on this little shotgun.

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