Saturday, December 13, 2014

Some Of Whats Coming In 2015

I recently added some updates to the company web-site...... there are several articles that I am working on, and hope to have published soon. As with other articles I hope to let you tag along on here as we go......... First is The Scout Rifle Concept..... I am finally getting the chance to play with one of the Ruger Gunsite Scout rifles that I have been waiting on for a year or so now. It is an interesting little rifle. It will be part of not only the The Scout Rifle Concept article, but one called Subsonic Venom where we are going to be working on developing a round for Venom Cartridge that shoots good in the Ruger, and flies without breaking the sound barrier. I also hope to do a post here explaining exactly what a subsonic round is designed for, and what defines it as subsonic.  Another interesting project currently being worked on is the .452 Predator AK cartridge. Here in this post is a sneak peek of the new cartridge idea.....

We have some other projects in the works, and will announce them as we have done with these projects. So follow along, and if you have any questions or comments we welcome them here, or on our web-site guest book. Hope you enjoy the new work.