Monday, May 20, 2013

,458 African Short Cartridge

Anyone that has followed the web-site knows about my idea for a dangerous game cartridge that is the same overall length as a .308 Winchester... Well we have several designs that will work, and there has been renewed interest in the cartridge from several companies. I am not being boisterous by saying that this could be a revolutionary cartridge for dangerous game... it would also be an excellent Elk, or Moose cartridge.

In talks with the larger companies we have found that the idea is very well received, but the building of a new receiver has held the cartridge back as most like to have a design that will fit right into one of the standard receivers on the market at this time. I am again writing on this cartridge to try and make several understand that a rifle action is made for the parent case, and it would not be that much trouble to build one in a shorter length... testing could be done in one that is standard length, and re-barreled. The cartridge is worth the effort as it is the next big step in cartridge evolution. I am not talking about just another cartridge, but a cartridge that will completely re-write what it takes to hunt dangerous game.

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