Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Good Day Shooting and Reloading!!

Well finally got to work up my first handload for the Ruger African in .375 Ruger, and it is a hot one!! I am using .225 grain Hornady SP's, Hornandy once fired brass, Winchester Large Rifle Magnum primers, and Ramshot Big Game powder. The more I shoot this rifle the more I love it! I am thinking of adding a few things to it, like maybe a Mercury tube, or muzzle break. I may even change the recoil pad... don't get me wrong it is a great production gun, but being a gunsmith I am always looking to make it my own, and seeing that my arthritis in my shoulder is getting worse a little recoil reduction in all my rifles is a good idea. I compare the recoil of the Ruger African .375 to that of my stock Stevens .300 Winchester Magnum when I first purchased it; before I did the custom job, and made it the Reaper Custom prototype chambered in .300 Venom Magnum Match for Venom Cartridge. More information will be added in an update to the article on our web-site !! I will announce on Facebook when it is updated.

While on the mountain shooting I took the time to do a (as requested by several ) a public service announcement on keeping the outdoors clean. Now please remember I am a shooter that takes notes not a professional broadcaster, or Hemingway............ Here it is first....... You may have to adjust volume!

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