Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What's Happening @ Venom

Today I thought I would give an update on some of the things going on here at Venom seeing that it has been sometime since I announced anything new. The industry as many know is bat crap crazy right now, and everything is in high demand, with very little supply. We have heard from some suppliers that they will be backlogged for sometime to come.... Blackhills ammunition orders are on a year back-order!! Guns are starting to flow into the shops, but not a great deal of them. Since guns, ammo, and powder have been so scarce I have used the time to work in the design room on some new cartridge ideas..... we have been working hard on the African Short Magnum, but until we have a way of building the rifle action it is far from completion........ The new designs are the .458 African Magnum, .475 Simply, and the .425 Vindicator which is my favorite. We are currently working on seeing which will be the first to be scheduled for development. We continue to fight for the Second Amendment on the political front, as well as on a local level to promote the shooting sports. We are still working to bring an indoor shooting range to area, as well as a larger shop. Also we are going ahead with the idea of selecting a Ms. Venom, Little Ms. Venom, as well little Venom Bubba!! We are ironing out the details now, and hope to start the process within a few months. That about covers it all... well all that we can mention that isn't covered by a confidentiality agreement. Add your name to the list of followers to hear more as we work. 

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