Monday, May 13, 2013

Blog Features and Layout

Today we are going to talk about the blog layout, and all it's features. Of course you can see the main part of the blog; the posts as they are in the center of the page. Well to the right, and at the bottom you will find much more information.

Starting to the right top you will see one of our new logos for Venom Cartridge that is also a glimpse of some new projects. Then a brief statement that answers the question, Just what is Venom Cartridge? To follow the blog you will find just under the statement, a gadget that allows you to type in your email address. We will not have the email address it is done through blogger, so don't worry about any spam or other problems. It is completely secure, and confidential. We have many many fans from various countries around the world, and some don't speak excellent English, so next you will find a gadget that will allow the blog to be translated into other languages. To search the blog for a particular post (of course you will want to wait till we actually get some posts published) you can find a gadget directly under the translation gadget. As many of you know that have read many of the articles on the Venom Cartridge Website occasionally Wikipedia is mentioned, so we have added a Wikipedia search gadget. This will help you look up some of the reference material that is mentioned. As with all the blogs on blogger you will find a archive list for the blog, and Backwoods Venom is no different ours is located on the right below the Wikipedia search feature. The last two features on the right sidebar of the blog are two links to photo galleries, loaded with pictures that we find interesting. The subject matter of the pictures are evident in the title of the albums.

Now to the bottom of the page.... you will find a news feed from Google News... it will show stories relating to certain topics that we follow here in at the company. Then finally you will find two YouTube feeds... the one on the left as the title states is for our Venom Cartridge channel (which we hope to have some new videos posted soon), to the right you will find a random feed of videos on various topics that we like to search for when not trying to blow ourselves up.... We hope you like the new blog, and find it interesting as well as informative. I hope that you will follow us, and like us on Facebook. 

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