Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Down The Copper Jacketed Road

Off to do some reloading ! Such a wonderful job! I don't see no rainbows, but still I like to make up my own little song for the Wonderful Wizard of Oz or Handloading? Am I boasting too much? Probably... as it is a wonder I haven't blown a finger or two off in my life!

Today gonna make up some .338 Federal ammunition to scare off the wicked witch targets! You know Piglosi fits the bill as an evil witch! Not to mention a royal bi*ch!! Wonder if anyone makes paper targets with that face on them?

Anyway I am looking at recipes for my little Ruger rifle that should handle a hot load... I find  a bunch for the .338 Federal, but I come back once again to my favorite propellants IMR-4064... I think you can load any caliber with that stuff....

Think this will be the load for today's work.....

200 Grain Hornady SP
45.0c grains IMR -4064 (I preferred a load of 43.0 grains)
Winchester Large Rifle Magnum Primer
Hornady .308 Winchester brass re-formed/
Federal .338 Cases
2.810" Overall Length

Wish me luck!!

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