Thursday, May 16, 2013

.485 Venom Simply Cartridge

Lately I am all about large magnum rifles, and the cartridges that make them thump so hard. I recently started thinking of a really big bore cartridge for Grizzly bears that would be so simple to do that it would take very little money to get into production. Easier than any other wildcat cartridge idea I have had in the past, or allowed to hit the public. After a lot of reading, and contemplation I came to the conclusion that a straight walled belted magnum would be the way to go as Hornady makes belted blank cases for Handloading, and wildcatting. I wanted a large frontal diameter that wouldn't need a complicated set of dies to make the case. I started with the .475 diameter, but still that would require a forming die be made..... so I got the idea to measure the mouth of the belted blank. .485!! Interesting very interesting.... I like the thought of simply taking the blank, and seating the bullet, but there is no .485 diameter bullets manufactured??? This stumped me.. I liked the idea of a .485 diameter slug in the .400 to .500 grain range........ I couldn't stop thinking of this cartridge.... I mean it would only require a Magnum length action, and a barrel chambered for the forming die, no sizing die at first.... it would be simply done!! I like the sound of that word.. SIMPLY... the .485 Venom Simply... that's the idea! I only need a bullet.... that is easier said than figured out.... you can't just call up a bullet company, and say I want this bullet manufactured.... we at Venom can't afford the equipment at this time to make our own bullets.............. or can we?? Oh that is it.... a way to make bullets... if we use a hard cast bullet at first we can have a mold made for the bullets that wouldn't be too high of a cost..... Lee makes custom bullet molds. Heck I know many hunters that use only hard cast bullets in their rifles with great results, and save a lot of money doing it to boot!! This could be a future article, and project.

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